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Posted: March 3, 2010 in My Life, This & That, unposted
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Some Photos from this “A Photo Dairy” was featured along with “W@NnA ShOOt?!!! ” by Borei Sylvann in the LIFT Magazine Issue 8, a weekly supplement of The Phnom Penh Post in Khmer language. Three photos were picked up from the blog, but sadly one them, the one with a girl holding lotus flowers, was not mine, but from a Polish photographer Maciej Dakowicz.

Read the article

  1. រីករាយដែលបានឃើញរូបដែលបងថតនៅទីនេះ ! ខ្ញុំចង់អានអត្ថបទនេះដល់ហើយ ! តែពេលsaveវាទៅ ! វាមិនមែនជាFILE រូបថតផង !! លយមែនបងផល ! មានសំនួរសួរបងមួយ មិញក៏ទស្សនាវដ្តី គេដឹងរូបថតរបស់បងចឹង ?

  2. tumnei says:

    Long, you can read it at Phnom Penh Post homepage, though you need flash player. Try locate LIFT issue 8 and click it. By the way, I have exchanged some mails with the Post’s editor before the publication.

  3. Sothy says:

    That’s awesome!! Congratulations!

  4. LiMBiZ says:

    That’s great! I saw Sothy’s blog and mine in there too…but they did not mention my name….

  5. ThaRum says:

    @LiMBiZ I think because print newspaper readers will not understand LiMBiZ as a name of fame photographer.

  6. oh…Bong Phal ! Do they hav a wrong name ? I saw they wrote Photo by: Chea Phan ! 🙂 Good morning !

  7. samphors~* says:

    I’ve read the article. Cool!!! Congrats!!!

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