Ecole Professionelle Eliminated

Posted: March 8, 2010 in Architecture
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Sadly neglected another French-colonial building is disappearing from the Penh.

Taken on 18 October 2009. I should have try-passed it and take some photos inside.

Taken on 06 March 2010. I have known this building would end up this way, but still I am shocked to see it being destroyed.

  1. The Shutter says:

    It’s sad seeing these buildings, not only here in the Penh but in the whole Kingdom, not being maintained, not valued at all. I believe this has a historical value, hope to see them for a long time, taken care.

  2. Is this building near Wat Phnom High School? It is extremely sad that such gorgeous buildings are being destroyed one by one.

  3. Sylyvann says:

    that’s too bad…

  4. The Shutter says:

    I’m not sure what will happen on the mansion, in front of the National Museum. That’s a nice building as well.

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