Along Railroads In Phnom Penh

Posted: April 15, 2010 in Daily Life

As there are plans to restore Cambodian railroads in the near(?) future, I guess people living along the roads will probably be evicted someday. Here are some photos from the communities near Tuol Kok.

Gasoline standGasoline stand

Everybody's long benchesEverybody’s long benches

It is just a common place for allIt is just a common place for all

  1. Kimlong says:

    It’s look interesting ! when people are sitting on the railway ! 🙂 Nice >> !!

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  3. Cambopedia says:

    Good shots! You should have started working on a documentary, using pictures to tell the story. Well, before it’s too late as Phnom Penh is changing.

    • tumnei says:

      I do not have much knowledge on how to work on a documentary, but at the moment I am trying to collect photos that I think will be disappear someday.

  4. Kimlong says:

    It is a good idea ! Good job bong ! 🙂

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