School in Cambodia

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Daily Life
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Before French made Cambodia as its protectorate, temple was the only institution where men could access to traditional education in Cambodia. Later on educational system based on the French model was introduced and schools were built inside and next to temples. In the present time you still can find many schools located right inside temples either in Phnom Penh or in rural areas.

School in Cambodia Wat Tuol Tompong Primary School located inside the temple sharing the same name.

  1. kimlong says:

    Good memory for bong hay mol tov ! 🙂

  2. បូរាណ says:

    if you had asked me to name the place like the previous post, i would have got it 😀

  3. tumnei says:

    @ Long, I did not go that school, though I used to study English there at evening time.

    @ Boran, hahah. Are you living in that area too?

  4. Phossdey says:

    Which school did you go to, Bang?

  5. Phossdey says:

    hmmm … I thought there were library since Angkor time? Is it something that we can claim school were existing since then or not???

    • tumnei says:

      I went to a less-known Phum 6 elementary.
      I cannot answer if we can claim that we had school since Angkor time. Gotta ask person with better knowledge about it 😉

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