No pee-pee!!

Posted: May 24, 2010 in Daily Life, unposted

Phnom Penh Since you can almost say Phnom Penh does not has public toilet, it is not unusual people just release themselves at fences of abandoned house or quite places. The graffiti on the wall roughly means “Dog, no pee-pee”

  1. haha…funny ! No pee-pee ! how about poo-poo ! 🙂

  2. leisure says:

    a funny topic, damn interesting ! ^^

  3. In sweden you have to pay about 80 US Dollar if the police take you peeing outside

    In Cambodia you see people peeing evrythere , i saw a police pee in a traffic controll in Sihanoukville

    In Sweden its still allowed for a dog too pee in public

    • tumnei says:

      The government of Sweden did get good revenue from the people getting their paints down in public spaces.

      Did you get a photo of the police doing his business at SHV?

  4. Kim San says:

    It only bans urinating. Seems like dog can still shit, but not urinate…

  5. Phossdey says:

    Dogs can even read letter … ahahahahahah

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