Kampot Railway Station

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Architecture, Travel

I am not sure how and when I got interested to Cambodian railway stations and their architectures; but I am sure I have been partly influenced by my friend working as an architect.

After the boat cruising, we hired a tuk-tuk heading to Kampot market and the railway station in the last hours before taking our bus back to Phnom Penh. It took about 10 minutes (I do not clearly remember) from Kampot’s down town to the station. It is just a rather long concrete building with tin roof that is now corrugated, yet the building is somehow unique in its own style. It is smaller than the station in Sihanoukville (I wish I have visited the railways station in Battambang last year when I was there). I am not surprised to find it as an abandoned and quite place. I am glad that we made the visit!!

Kampot Railway Station The front view of the main building

It made me imagine the scene when people are queuing to get tickets (But I wonder if people queued in that old time).

Kampot Railway Station There was no sight of train on tracks beside some sort of yellow machinery vehicles and freight wagons.

  1. leisure says:

    i still love the “smile boy” pic in the previous post. he looked so cool and funny… thanks for photographer indeed. =)

  2. tumnei says:

    Then you should have comment in the previous post. 😉

  3. s3iLa says:

    Rail way station, not a bad interest. Kinda unique.. Keep it up Phal!

    • tumnei says:

      Now Australian company, TOLL, is working on the renovation. I am not sure about the future of thees old stations. Sadly, I could not realize my wish to get on our old train with snail-pace speed.

  4. Phossdey says:

    Yeah, you are right it has its own style … Kompot’s style ^_^

  5. Samphors~* says:

    I think people did queue at old time. We were quite organized lolz… well, at least I think so haha. Though it’s sad that all beautiful old stations are going to be gone for good, I am happy that it’s gonna be alive once again in a new form. Can’t wait to have a ride!!! Btw, I am jealous how you get to see good stuffs and take the shot.

  6. tumnei says:

    @ Phossdey: yeah Kampot’s style. 🙂

    @ Samphorse: I hope we can a have ride soon too. But i have missed the ride laying on a hammock. It would be much more interesting.

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