Preah Vihear Temple

Posted: June 12, 2010 in Travel
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My yesterday trip to Preah Vihear temple made Palin the last province for me to step on to fully complete my around-country journey. It was very hot day but for photographic sake the sky was not a boring single-color. I decided to make some bracketing for HDR processing purpose, but as I did it hand-held, those images were not perfectly aligned. I ended up use single shot to process these HRD Photos below.

Preah Vihear Tepmple

Preah Vihear Tepmple

Preah Vihear Tepmple

  1. Phossdey says:

    i love the second 😀

  2. Kdarm Sork says:

    Wow! So nice! This is why Siam wants to grab the temple!

  3. When will i can do it ? Love all these pic ! 🙂

  4. tumnei says:

    Thank you all. HDR photos usually are pleasing to see, but some people, especially professional photographers do not like it, since this sort of photos are sometimes considered as faked and tricking.

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