A Building around Old Market

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Travel
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I noticed that more and more colonial buildings and flats around Old Market and Pub Street have been renovated and converted into restaurants, bars, boutiques, and even mini hotel with a very good sense of design. This makes the area become place of interest for both local and foreign tourists. Will Phnom Penh have this short of place?

This is one of my favorite. I love the way the building is converted into this boutique. Sorry if the photo is not sharp enough to your eyes. And if you want to be sandwiched by Barack and Hillary or want to hug them, you know where to go.

  1. Wow.. It really interesting design ! combining with the old and new equitment ! 🙂

  2. s3iLa says:

    Yeah can’t agree more. Such a creative idea they had. Well I’m not sure such thing happens much in PP as it more to be come modern, can see a lot of taller buildings than me these days hehhehe 🙂

  3. បូរាណ says:

    why are you always posting one photo? Y can’t a few more? ;D

  4. tumnei says:

    @Long: Yeah it is.

    @Seila: I wonder if you can find any building that is not taller than you here either. haha 😉

    @Boran: Sometimes I also post more than one. I will consider of posting more photos next time, if you think one is far from enough 😀

  5. sovathary says:

    The only word I can think of when I saw this picture is adorable!

  6. Sovathary says:

    PS: You have a really good humor.

  7. tumnei says:

    It is not what I normally hear people say about me. 😉

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