The Escape: Petit Adventure

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Daily Life

This escapee was found 2 days after he got loose from his residence. How he went down all the way from second floor to ground floor is still mysterious to all. But his owner was surely happy to find him alive after two-day missing.

HamsterI was not very sure about hamster diet, but I thought peanut would not look harmful to him. But he just ignored it after a few bites.

Sleeping HamsterHe seemed to be exhausted and cared no more about my presence. All he needed was just a rest. I was my first time in my life to see hamster sleep. A funny sleeping position!

Looking similar to mouse, hamster is not yet a popular kind of pet in Cambodia. I am sure if it is available at pet shop in Cambodia, but my neighbor currently has 2 hamsters as their pets.

  1. haha…It’s look very funny sleeping behavior ! I used to see some bird are sleeping like died too !!/photo.php?pid=186654&id=100000703494706 🙂

  2. Phossdey says:

    Oh … such a cuttie!

  3. Samphors~* says:

    Hahahaha… such a cutie!!! Can’t help laughing with his sleeping position hehe…

  4. sovathary says:

    I think you can google for a good hamster diet. I’m sure you’ll find some tips from other people who own hamsters as pet like you. Good luck!

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