Little Cutties

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Children
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I have been in Siem Reap again for more than one week now. I got some fun with kids and some photos of them during my visits to a couple of schools last week.



  1. sopink says:

    hahaha,,, a kid got wrinkles on forehead 😛

  2. s3iLa says:

    They are cute, cheerful and lively… But I don’t know after seeing them I feel kind of sad inside 😐

  3. sovathary says:

    They’re originals through your lens!

  4. Sothy says:

    Nice portraits of children. You really show their expressions well. Good ones! I just wonder about technical part of the picture–seems like you applied highlight/shadow to the picture. You know I am against using highlight tool (that makes it noticeable). Anyway it is just a personal preference.

  5. sopheak says:

    Great expressions!

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