At Bon Cafe

Posted: August 22, 2010 in My Life

BON CAFE Taking rest after walking the roads less walked. You would not be surprised that Sunday is the quietest day, if you knew its location.

Bon Cafe from outside on a quite street. Well, it functions more as the sale office for Bon Cafe rather than coffee shop.

  1. Are you going to Vietnam ?

    Have it stopped raining in PP ?

  2. sopink says:

    ohh yeah, it looks stunning and quiet place. Will give myself a try someday.

  3. s3iLa says:

    well, the place itself not really impressive, but BON cafe is not bad. BY the way where is it located? I’ve never seen.

  4. same place ?

    Bon Cafè Phnom Penh

    i was there in April and had a coffebreak (in Swedish fika a word you cant translate but is like you have a coffe and some snacks toghether)

    They had the magazine City Life Cambodia there and was the one you was inside

  5. tumnei says:

    @ Magnus: It is just a plan yet. This cafe is located in a very quite street. I think the one in your flickr’s photostream is along Sothearoas Blvd.
    @ Sophink: Give it a try. Many cafe house in Phnom Penh get cofe beans from here.
    @ Seila: It is along St. 21. Consult Phnom Penh map if you want to go there. It is more like an office though.

  6. sovathary says:

    I’m allergic to coffee, but I like café shops just fine, they have good snacks to munch about. Lol…

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