Tampa Block

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Architecture
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I guess many have heard the name of Tampa block, but not many have witnessed it. I have make more than a little of exploration of Phnom Penh architectures, yet I am still amazed by this site even after my repeated visit. It is enclosed in a shape of big rectangle, and originally there was a big open space in the middle. Sadly more than a score of years back, houses were erected in the open space. Not surprisingly, such a great iconic building does not get the care it deserves, and now is dangerously deteriorating.

Tampa Community

Tampa Community

Tampa Community

Tampa Community

  1. s3iLa says:

    I like the 3rd picture a lot.
    By the way have u ever seen this old hotel-building, at the corner near Psar Kandal? The name is Inter Continental (if i’m not mistaken).

  2. tumnei says:

    I think you mentioned about this one.

    I have never had chance to get inside, but well it one of my favorite as well.

  3. s3iLa says:

    yeah that’s the one! 😀
    Well if were to have a chance to go in, don’t forget to let know 😉

    • tumnei says:

      Well it just someone’s apartments now, I am sure. It is hard to get inside, but maybe I will give a try someday. Do you like to join the walk someday or only interested in the building only?

  4. YeNG says:

    It reminds me of my early childhood when my family shared a room with relatives there. Never go back again within some 15 years, I think.

  5. YeNG says:

    Er… only about 3 years since my birth. Then, my relatives also moved few years later than my family did. So, no more visit. The outer look in your photos show no much difference, I think.

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