Photo Retouching

Posted: September 5, 2010 in Photography, Uncategorized
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In the advertisement world, it is almost impossible to find an un-retouched photo, and even some photo journalists have risked their careers by manipulated photos to make them more intense. Thank to editing software such as Photoshop, more and more photos we see these day are altered or enhanced.

To be honestly, most of the photos I have posted here are also retouched, though I have limited it to color adjustment, cropping, perspective correction, clarity adjustment, sharpening and some other basic adjustments. My understanding on retouching is still poor, since I like to spend more time on taking photos than editing them. Yet, now I also want to devote some more time to dig deeper into it too.

Are you for or against retouching? Here are examples of retouching.

Straight-from-the-camera photo. Western moat of Angkor Wat at the evening. I set the White Balance to Auto but the sky turned bluer than it was.

Retouching by David Va, a quality-conscious photo enthusiast, trying to bring back the sky of setting sun.

Angkor Wat's moat at evening My basic retouching, trying to reduce the bluish. I could not visualize the setting-sun sky (-_-)

  1. s3iLa says:

    That not… Should give yourself round of applause! =)

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