Bayon in HDR

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Architecture, Landscape, Tips and Tricks
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Bayon in HDR
I am not a big fan of HDR, partly because I have never been able to make any HRD that I considered good enough. The above HDR came from a single shot. I did some bracketing, but well I could not keep those geese stay still. That why I ended up using a single shot, adjusting its exposures for HDR processing. What a boring sky, by the way!!

  1. sopink says:

    but still u got nice pic of Bayon, unlike mine. i shot tones of Bayon, cant agree there is a nice one..:(

  2. beautiful ! love it so much ! )

  3. s3iLa says:

    FYI those are gooses not ducks lolz..
    I’ve tried HDR once with 3 exposures but the result was not good! hehehe

  4. tumnei says:

    @Sopink: Then you got to shoot more. Just one tip from me, try to figure out what parts of the photo that look not so good, and find its solution. 😉
    @Kimlong: Thanks.
    @Seila: I made the correction on that. You have tried only one time? What kind of software did you work with for the HDR?

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