Shooting Waterfall

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Photography, Tips and Tricks, unposted
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It was my first time to shoot waterfall since after I got serious about photography. I understand some basic now-how, as I have read several tips about it sometimes ago. Weather comes to play an important role in landscape photography, and it is no exception for waterfall photography. Sunny sky is not what you may prefer, especially when you want the milky flows of water that requires low light. This makes early morning or late evening the best times for a visit. Tripod is a must, though an extra burden. ND filter (which I cannot afford) can reduce more light for slower shutter speed.

Here are some shots I got from Khbal Spean waterfalls, also known as river of 1000 Lingas. It is 1,500m mountainous walk from the entrance to the river. The walk is scenic but tiresome especially the trip to the river.

The raod to the Kbal Spean A view of the road leading to the river. For your information, the entrance is closed by 15:00. I arrived there at 15:20, so I needed to work something out with the guard to get in.

Khbal Spean waterfallMy companion and I were the only souls when we arrived at the river. So I could have the whole place for myself.

With Reclining Buddha, Khbal Spean With Reclining Buddha, Khbal Spean

Khbal Spean waterfall Only after I came down that a guard told me there are more sculptures and waterfalls downstream. So what I saw was only a small part of the river. (;_;)

PS: Since the air nearby waterfall normally very damp, try to protect your camera and lens from getting wet as much as possible. Moisture is the main cause of lens fungus.

  1. I really fall in love with ur photos now bro ! 🙂

  2. tumnei says:

    Well, I can see you are on a right track, making good improvement on photography. Just keep it going on!!

  3. csokun says:

    Nice work buddy 😉

  4. Thank you bro !:) Now I keep going on with u hay ! hahah…:)

  5. YeNG says:

    Inspiring pieces!!!

  6. Samphors~* says:

    Love the picture and how you get them shot. There always is an adventure behind your picture 🙂

  7. David VA says:

    So beautiful! Love them! Will visit there someday!

  8. borin says:

    Have you used the ND Filter in these? I seem like the light is perfect with long exposure!

    • tumnei says:

      You have been very quite for ages, Borin. Too busy with your restaurant? I cannot afford ND filter yet. I just capped my cheap no-brand protector 🙂

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