Kulen Mountain

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Travel, unposted
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Kulen Mountain is considered the most sacred mountain in the Kingdom and is the place where King Jiyavarman II proclaimed himself as God King. The resort is a popular destination for weekend excursion amongst local people, yet the high entrance fee of USD 20 for foreign visitors has discouraged them from coming to this place.

It was my second visit to the mountain after the first one I made during my very first trip to Siem Reap back in 2002. It was drizzle soon after I arrived at the top of the mountain and continued for about another hour. We were welcomed by many kids trying to persuade us to hire them as tour guide. I said no and gave them the candies I brought with me, but later we decided to take the guiding service of a girl keeping following us up to the Preah Ang Thom. Well, without her guiding us, I am sure we would miss some interesting parts of the mountain. Sadly I failed to take any photo of our guide.

Preah Ang Thom, This Reclining Buddha was carved from the mountain itself.

Shine in mountain cave, Kulen Mountain A shine inside mountain cave

Rock with human face, Kulen mountain Do you see a man face in the rock? Believe me or not, it can be viewed with camera finder, but it is impossible to tell with naked eyes. I did not really believe it when our little guide told me.

Waterfall, Kulen Mountain Due to dense mist and wind, I could not have a shot of the main waterfalls I can show off, but at least I tried to get this lower part of the waterfall.

However, only after I read a post by Andy Brouwer that I realized I missed many more adventurous parts of the mountain.


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