Olympic Stadium

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Architecture
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Talking about Olympic Stadium, aerobic dances may float across into your mind. I have seen countless amazing photos of people dancing or exercising there and I myself have visited the place in the evening time on several occasions. Yet, yesterday’s evening I decided to have something different. I focused on the architecture, designed by Cambodian most renowned architect, of the stadium itself.

Olympic Stadium To archive this sort of sun-ray effect, try to narrow your aperture.

Olympic Stadium This is any HDR version. It made me feel I really need more improvement on this technique. I got some good instruction but I am not in the mood to read it yet ;-(

Olympic Stadium There is no AC inside the building, but it is very well-ventilated due to its great design.

Olympic Stadium The little small white dots came from twinkling stars and the bight round light at the left side from the moon. Well, you might also notice the shadow of the photographer that I don’t care to clone out too.

  1. All are interesting pic ! 🙂

  2. Phossdey says:

    i like the second 😀

  3. s3ila says:

    You’ve always known well where is the place to be shot. I can’t compliment you more 🙂 Great job Phal!

  4. boran says:

    i like the last two. frankly, the hdr version is ek ek… but hope you will improve with it soon! 😀

  5. tumnei says:

    @Phossdey: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 🙂
    @Seila: Thank.
    @Boran: I do appreciate your flank and constructive comment/critique. Not many ppl share such a words. But it would be even better if you can pinpoint where is it ek ek. :))

  6. boran says:

    ok, i try! (but it is just my taste)
    – i see highlight (outer glow) around the lighting column.
    – i think the contrast in low.
    – i know this is the hrd, but the blueish of the sky doesn’t look natural to my eyes.
    – the foreground (the stair) is blocking the beautiful background (sky). the middle ground (column) is ok.
    – not sharp enough.
    – message?

    again, these are my taste. and i say a lot cuz you asked me so 😀

  7. YeNG says:

    I like the angle you took the 2nd photo.

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