Pchhum Ben Day 3 @ Wat Tuol Tompoung

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Daily Life, unposted
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Wat Toul Tompoung: Gentle rain came in the early morning of the third day of Pchhum Ben. This was my last thing I wished for yesterday. There was no seller at the main gate as it was when I visited the very same place two years back. Disappointed to see a very few goers, I had nothing much to do but scouting locations for the shots I came for. The process time was delayed. Luckily not long before the process started, several bunches of people arrived by cars. It made me forget the fatigue of lack of sleep, when I saw people move to sala into the compound of Vihara, the main building.

I came home with total satisfaction when I visited the temple 2 years ago for the same purpose, but when I looked at those photos again today, I feel… Well, you can see some of these photos here by yourself. I hope when I look at the photos I take yesterday two years later, I can have the same feeling.

Here are some of the photos from yesterday. I will share my best of the day some day later, though.

Pchhum Ben Day 3, at Wat Tuol Tompoung A short pray before the process

Pchhum Ben Day 3, at Wat Tuol Tompoung Gathering before the process

Pchhum Ben Day 3, at Wat Tuol Tompoung The process of giving food to deceased relatives

  1. boran says:

    your long-exposured photos always look great!

  2. phalkunz says:

    I gotta say this. all of your photos are so striking. I feel like I’m being there in Cambodia right now.

  3. tumnei says:

    @Boran: I am sort of addicted to long-exposure. I dream of shooting star trails one day. 🙂
    @Phalkunz: Thank for dropping by.

    • boran says:

      yes, i like it, too. do you have the thing to get your exposure over 30s yet? i one day went to the store to asked the price and it is $25. I didn’t buy it… 😀

      i am inspired with the 1st photo. i want to have these kind of photos as well, but getting up at dawn is my number 1 enemy 😦

    • tumnei says:

      Well I have a very old remote control that I can use for bulb, but it hard to use as my camera cannot get the signal sometimes. It is good to have a remote shutter release with timer that is a bit pricey 😦

      I do not like waking up early either, but my desire to get the photos is greater than the comfort sleep. 🙂

  4. YeNG says:

    Nice shots as always!!! Where were you when taking the 1st photo?

  5. tumnei says:

    I climbed a tree to get this shot. Just kidding 🙂
    It was taken from the first floor of the building.

  6. YeNG says:

    But it looks higher than what I could see from the height of the 1st floor in the 2nd photo.

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