Hiroshima House

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Architecture
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A red brick building with a unique design inside Wat Unalom is an eye-catching architecture but after more than 15 years there is still no sign of completion in anytime soon. Actually the construction has come to a halt many years ago, apparently without any further plan. The four-story building called Hiroshima House was commenced in 20 July 1995 with support of the people of Hiroshima Prefecture, according to its homepage. Even though last month a children library was opened inside the building, most part of the building is left attended.

Hiroshima House ひろしまハウス
Hiroshima House

Hiroshima House ひろしまハウス
The brick wall and Unalom temple gate

Hiroshima House ひろしまハウス
Vanda Accounting School’s students were practicing dance for their new building inauguration ceremony there when I visited the house.

  1. Phossdey says:

    Brilliant job, bro! How can I know there is such a building existing in PP. 😉

  2. s3ila says:

    I always doubt what that building was… Used to take its pictures and wanted to ask around; now I got the answer 🙂

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