Kep at Dawn: My First Star Trails

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Landscape, Travel, unposted
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My First star trail
Star Trails at Kep Beach F/5, Speed: 226 sec., ISO:200

This photo was taken at 2nd not 1st of 2011 at 05:39AM. I did not intent to have the star trails but just wanted to have the smooth sea. Yet as I do not own any ND filter, I had to no choice but to shoot when the light is very low. I did not even see the star trails when I viewed the LCD monitor soon after I got this image. If I had seen it, I would narrow the aperture and drag the shutter speed for a few minutes more.

  1. s3ila says:

    Not bad – Thumb up!
    BUt it would be wonderful if there were more stars…

  2. tumnei says:

    There is no way i can increase the number of the stars:) But if i have noticed the trails at the first place, i could have dragged the shutter speed so the tails would have been longer 😦

  3. pinkii says:

    if i am not mistaken, “not bad” bos seila means “pretty good” lol
    Well, happy new year! this is the first post of 2011~

  4. YeNG says:

    Love the scene!!!

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