Beyond 30 Sec.

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Nightscape, unposted
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If you have followed this blog long enough, you might notice that long exposure is one my favorite subject of photography. Last Sunday I went for some light tails again but this time with Hoya NDX8 I just borrowed from a friend, I were able to drag my shutter speed as long as almost 600 seconds or ten minutes. With such a long exposure, noise is pretty unavoidable and noticeable when it is viewed in high resolution.

Infront of Orussei Market, Phnom Penh Traffic in front of Orussei Market

Charles de Gaulle Blvd. Phnom Penh Traffic at the intersection of Charles de Gaulle Blvd. and St.109?

  1. the place is not clean but the photo is very nice.

  2. s3iLa says:

    No comment – just love your works more and more 🙂

  3. sovathary says:

    I love this kind of picture, I had asked you once about how to do it, but my camera didn’t seem to produce such a quality, just a similar one. 🙂

  4. tumnei says:

    To achieve this result, it is a bit complected. I need Neutral Density filter to reduce light and a good tripod and shutter release to prevent camera shake. Hope some day you can have similar photos as well. 🙂

  5. Jonas Hansel says:

    Fantastic photo’s (and not just these two, btw!) and stories. Even through I’m still digging through your archive (just found out about your blog), I’m already looking forward to new ones. Keep up your great work!

  6. tumnei says:

    Thank you Jonas for your visit and nice word. I will try to find time to keep this blog updated.

  7. The light tails in the second photo, really show how the noisy traffic in Pp ! 🙂

  8. Dave says:

    Very interesting photos of night PP city!

  9. tumnei says:

    Thank to your ND 😉

  10. meandmyclick says:

    Some of the best long-exp shots of Thailand I’ve seen, really well done.

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