Some More Portraitures

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Portrait
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My real passion is still with landscape photography, but lately I just cannot find time for it. To have a good landscape photo, patience and luck play even more important roles than good camera gears and techniques do. I don’t mind to wait or to wake up early to catch the light for right moment, but I just cannot afford time to do so. ;(

Portraiture is more about artificial lights, though a good photographer always makes the best uses of ambient lights. Since I don’t have time for serious landscape shooting, I end up retouching some old photos from my archive and doing some portrait shooting lately. My lighting is pretty basic and simple, normally a bouncing light from my hot shoe with my Nissin Di 622, as I am not serious enough to make investment on additional lighting gears.

These are some my shots from a catwalk at Canadia tower on 10 April 2011. Thank to Kimlong for inviting me to the event.

Saray Leakhena, at Canadia Tower Saray Leakhena Sakana, a rising Cambodian film star

Sun Model Member, at Canadia Tower
A model from Sun Models Cambodia

Sun Model Member, at Canadia Tower
A model from Sun Models Cambodia

Chorn Chanleakhena ចន ច័ន្ទលក្ខណា at Canadia tower Chorn Chanleakhena, a Cambodian film star

  1. pinkii says:

    The first one is Saray Sakana…

  2. tumnei says:

    Thank pinkii for pointing out. I dun really know who is who in our entertainment industry now as I rarely watch TV 🙂

  3. pinkii says:

    same same… i dun even turn on the tv. but i know her as she is a friend of ma friend 🙂

  4. pinkii says:

    Happy New Year, Phal!

  5. Amyka says:

    Saray Sakana performed very well in her model career and acting well as Cambodian stars

  6. dlotus says:

    I admired your photography work with the models. You should do both with landscape work. Well done.

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