I visited Wat Phnom yesterday with expectation of some wild activities. But when I was there at around 3 pm, there was just a group of people playing some traditional games. 😦

Khmer New Year at Wat Phnom

Khmer New Year at Wat Phnom

Khmer New Year at Wat Phnom

In recent years, I have been anywhere far from Phnom Penh, so I end up visiting Wat Phnom for some New Year shots. It was also the place where I met Ari, a Finnish photographer, in person for the first time. At that time there were kids powdering each other, but this time I found no one doing anything wild again. To me, KNY year becomes quieter and quieter and less and less fun.

  1. Its nice that the Thai version of happy new year have not come to Cambodia , they are too cracy in Thailand


  2. tumnei says:

    I heard there are guns everywhere in Thailand during the Sangkran. I need a water-proof camera if I am there 🙂

  3. ៚Tigg says:

    Yeah agree that it has became very quite recent years… I believe that because the government’s regulation that was why no one dare to play wild… It’s no fun though 😦

    • tumnei says:

      I guess that is one of the reasons but not the only reason. A few years back there were people dancing and playing games on the streets ahead of new years, but now it is just a quite city. 😦

      Ohh, btw I Pheavy told me she would ring me if there is a party at your house. But the my phone has not ringed 😉

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