Isanapura, better known as Sambor Prei Kuk, is the capital of Chenla from 7th century. Located 37 km north of Kampong Thom town, this ancient temple deserve much more attention from both local and foreign visitors. In early 2011, GTZ and Kiri Reach initiated an eco-tourism program called Isanborei in the purposes of attracting tourists to the Sambo area and offering them an unforgettable time and at the same time providing livelihood to local villagers. This program is still not yet well known, but I hope that in the near future it can attach more people there.

It was around 2004 that I first visited Sambo Prei Kuk, since then I have visited there more than ten times, since my workplace has a project site (tree nurseries) just right inside the complex. I am thinking of spending a night or two there and do some serious work to capture the beauty of these hidden temples. To date, more than 200 temples have been discovered, but I have only visited some main temples of in the complex. Here are some photos from my latest visit on May 09, 2011.

Prasat Sambor

Linga at Sambor Preikuk

Inside a brick temple

  1. pinkii says:

    batt muk batt moit yu Phal. Welcome back! Well, i’ve been there once with Seila in 2008.

  2. tumnei says:

    Make sure you check my flickr during my absence 🙂

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