Tatai, Koh Kong

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Travel, unposted
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Since Tatai is just only about 20 km from Koh Kong town, people prefer to stay in the town as there are more options. Tatai does not offer many options for you. Both well-known 4 Rivers lodge and Rainbow lodge can only be reached by river and they are located in different directions from the National Road No. 48. Either of the lodge is not the place for backpacker or budget traveler. If you have financial constraint but still want to stay in Taitai, there is one guest house, Samphos Tatai (Tel: 035-6900 661 or 092-489 649), just a few meters from the bridge. It is run by a very friendly lady, whose husband also organizes tour to jungle around the area. There are 3 rooms for 5 bucks each per night available at the moment. They have a plan to build more bungalows in the near future, and they have already secured more land at the back of their current location.

From the ferry at the bridge you can travel to various places including Taitai waterfall and many other small islands. During my last visit, I could only visit the waterfall. The price of the boat fixed by the community there is a bit expensive and uncompromisable. If you want to save money, you can share a boat with people going to the same destination.

Destinations that you can go by boat from the bridge

Tatai Waterfall, Koh Kong
Tatai waterfall

Tatai river
On the way back from Tatai waterfall

  1. pinkii says:

    🙂 nice to be there, phal. Good job again Phal 😛

  2. tumnei says:

    Look like you are the one who most frequent my place now, pinkii 😉
    You seem to be less obsessed with your camera now as well. 🙂

  3. pinkii says:

    hehe… just follow you since i am your fan. Well, i am less obsessed about camera. And you are less of updating blog as well…

  4. YeNG says:

    Look inviting, bang! I love waterfall 🙂

  5. Sovathary says:

    The water fall picture blows my mind away. Anyone who see it might gain longevity too.

  6. tumnei says:

    @Yeng: There are also huge natural pools where you can swim. Do visit it if you have a chance. 😉

    @Sovathary: I did not know that the photo has such an effect 🙂

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