A Building on St. 130

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Architecture

One of my favorite pastimes is exploring the lesser know parts of Phnom Penh, old buildings in particular. I have been to places where residents had curious looks at me, wondering what brought me there. Most the time, they were not satisfied by my answer, telling them I just came to take photos as a hobby. Luckily I have never received any warning of no-photo. Here are some photos of a buildings on St. 130 from my latest exploration this month. If you happen to know the background of this building, do kindly share me.

Unknown Building on St. 130Exterior view from other side of the street.

Inside a building on St. 130 Common space on the ground floor

A small girl near broken window. A girl dangerously climbing a chair near a broken window on the second floor. I called her to climb down and in no time a lady came to pick her up. Not a safe place for children to be on their own.

  1. Mao Boran says:

    oops, i always hate those ugly wires that block beautiful buildings… but that picture 1 you used it to draw the eyes or sth like a motion effect! how wise!

  2. pinkii says:

    love the last picture 🙂

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