Thansour Bokor Photo Project

Posted: April 2, 2012 in unposted
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In December last year, I received an expected email from Thansur Bokor Highland Resort’s Market Department asking me whether I am interested in doing photography project with them. It was quite is big one and more importantly was just exactly the types that could enjoy doing it.

The project was divided into two phases. The Phase I mainly covers the shooting of landscape and landmarks of Borkor Hill, while the phase II’s shooting is about resort facilities and buildings. I spent about 5 days for the first project. Sadly I could not get all the required shots due to unfavorable weather. Personally I wished to overnight on the hill, but the resort management said no on the ground that it is not safe to do so.  

Here are some photos from the Phase I. I am expecting to start the Phase II someday this month.
Old Church
The Old Church

Wat Sampao Pram
Wat Sampoa Pram or Five-boat Temple

100 Rice Field
100 rice field, but what you find are just stones and stones.

A dam on the hill for water supplies to the resort

Giant Face
The giant stone face along the way up to Bokor Hill

PS: I was introduced to the Marketing Department by a staffer in the same company who have followed this blog for some time. I cannot thank him enough.   


  1. I wish I would join u again 😀

  2. Suntharak says:

    I am glad it came out well. It was nice to finally meet you briefly at the training school before your shoot.


  3. will says:

    Well done great shots, on the first picture the clouds look like a watercolor. Did you use a filter in editing?

  4. Dona Kanz says:

    Nice Shot, i love it..

  5. Jonh says:

    Bokor National Park was listed as the ASEAN park heritage and should not be developed as the resorts or residential areas like the one that you have seen in this development project. I will not agree with this , I think Cambodia has many places for developing the project like that. If the project still keep going, the forests and natural resources at there will be destroyed, as a result, we will lost not only our identity, but also the biodiversity, and many endangered species, particularly forests.

    Best wishes,

  6. Khmer dude says:

    Hey Phal, nice shots, especially “Veal Sre Maroy” or 100 rice field:), and thx for Vann Molyvann’s house view, have not been there for several years now, probably could not id it that easily anymore if not for its unique architecture.

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