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Railways stations have became places of interest for me to photograph. I used to think of visiting all these old railways stations in the kingdom for my personal collection. However I just do not have time to realize my wish. The station in Banteay Meachey’s provincial town is my latest one I photographed in January 2012. I woke up early morning hoping for some good skies but it was NOT my lucky day. Here are two shots I snapped on that cloudy day.

Serei Sophorn Railway Station
A lady (I assume) riding motor on the station platform in the direction to the vegetable market.

Morning Market A vegetable seller along the railways road not far away from the station. She said do bring her [photos] to the United States.


Commercial photography is far less fun than landscape or even street photography, at least for me. I remember one of my friends told me, “If you like photography, just keep it as your hobby. Never think of to be a pro and make your living from it.” Now I find it very true. When we are paid to do it, we are supposed to do what the clients want not what we want to. Oftentimes, pressure is something unavoidable.

Lobby, Macau Hotel Macau Hotel’s Lobby

Veranda, Macau Hotel
Macau Hotel Veranda

Deluxe Room, Macau Hotel
Macau Hotel Deluxe Double Room

My Flickr Goes Pro

Posted: February 19, 2011 in My Life, Photography

If you visit my flickr site, you may notice that it is now upgraded to pro account. It was a surprising gift from Mr. Ari Vitikainen, I first met in person during Khmer New Year in 2009. I do not how to thank him enough for his kindness.

I used to dream of a fast and high-performance telephoto zoom lens that normally never comes cheap. However in the last few months I was so much in love with my ultra-wide angle lens that I hardly think of it, if not totally forgot about it. Early this month I learned from a friend of mine that I a Barang has some glasses for sale. He got 2 glasses, one of them was appealing to me due to its affordable price. The AF Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 D ED, released since 1997. The pitfall of the lens was many fungi existed inside the lens, but luckily now they are likely gone now after I got it serviced.

Last Saturday, I was able to experience it while I was out with two other photo enthusiasts. Considering the price, I have nothing to complaint about its quality and focusing noise (the AF-S with silence motor costs a lot more). Here are some shots I got from the walk.

A small shrine at Wat Phnom A small shrine at Wat Phnom

Money at Wat Phnom Monkey at Wat Phnom

A Little Quest

Posted: August 23, 2010 in My Life, unposted
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I have tried to pay attention whenever I am on the National Road No. 5 after hearing that there is an old church in Russei Keo from a friend; and a few weeks back I spotted an old entrance sign of a church. I thought that must be one I have sought after.

It was a hot Saturday with beautiful sky, a good day for another quest for our little holy grail. I texted my like-minded friend, fixing the time to check it. Sadly it turned out to be not the one we are after. We made some inquiries to some local people, but no one had any ideas about the old church.

New option came up after the failure to locate the church, visiting the rooftop of an old building we have noticed for sometimes near river side. The view was more than we expected. It was a good Saturday after all.

On the way On a hot but beautiful Saturday.

Water Reservoir I asked my friend to pull over for this shot.

Mountain View from a building's rooftop in Phnom Penh Never in my life I had ever seen mountain range from anywhere in Phnom Penh

At Bon Cafe

Posted: August 22, 2010 in My Life

BON CAFE Taking rest after walking the roads less walked. You would not be surprised that Sunday is the quietest day, if you knew its location.

Bon Cafe from outside on a quite street. Well, it functions more as the sale office for Bon Cafe rather than coffee shop.

Some Photos from this “A Photo Dairy” was featured along with “W@NnA ShOOt?!!! ” by Borei Sylvann in the LIFT Magazine Issue 8, a weekly supplement of The Phnom Penh Post in Khmer language. Three photos were picked up from the blog, but sadly one them, the one with a girl holding lotus flowers, was not mine, but from a Polish photographer Maciej Dakowicz.

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