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Railways stations have became places of interest for me to photograph. I used to think of visiting all these old railways stations in the kingdom for my personal collection. However I just do not have time to realize my wish. The station in Banteay Meachey’s provincial town is my latest one I photographed in January 2012. I woke up early morning hoping for some good skies but it was NOT my lucky day. Here are two shots I snapped on that cloudy day.

Serei Sophorn Railway Station
A lady (I assume) riding motor on the station platform in the direction to the vegetable market.

Morning Market A vegetable seller along the railways road not far away from the station. She said do bring her [photos] to the United States.


Wat Broyouvong Slum
Wat Broyouvong was rated by the Phnom Penh Post as the kindest pagoda in the Kingdom, considering their generosity of letting people buildings houses right next to the Vihara, the pagoda’s main building.

Central Market, After Renovation

Posted: November 20, 2011 in Architecture

Central Market built in 1937 and completely renovated in 2011 is one of Darryl Collins’s Favorite architectures in Cambodia. I took the photos below for some months ago.

This quintessential southeast Asian colonial Art Deco market was built on reclaimed land over a former swamp. Its moderne design and the technology employed in its construction, ranks it as one of the most important 30s buildings remaining in Phnom Penh. Designed by Desbois and engineered by Chauchon, it still functions as the main market. One of the shopping highlights of Phnom Penh, a lively, bustling affair filled with fresh daily goods, clothes and household wares, it has most recently undergone a facelift orchestrated by the Phnom Penh Municipality. Source Asian Life

Central Market from an Under Construction Building

Central Market Before Dark

Psar Thmei, aka Central Market (Built in 1937)

Bangkok-ized Phnom Penh?

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Architecture, Nightscape

In the recent years, many high-rises have come one after another, especially along Monivong Blvd. Since public transportation in Phnom Penh is barely exists, future congestion is pretty imaginable. During this long holiday, I were able to get some shots of Phnom Penh along Blvd.

Traffic on Monivong Bvld. at Blue Hour

Phnom Penh Under Full Moon

Monivong Blvd.

Fishing Shots

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Daily Life, Photos, unposted

I took almost a hundred shots of men casting fishing net along Steung Sen River in less than 2 hour span. Yet I could not get a single shot I planned to have. I need to get very close to fisher to get the composition I wanted. But I was afraid it would be me who would be catch in the net not fish, if I went too close to them. Well, at least I could get some passable shots to share here. Not a bad day.

Casting Fishing Net

Casting Fishing Net

Casting Fishing Net

A Building on St. 130

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Architecture

One of my favorite pastimes is exploring the lesser know parts of Phnom Penh, old buildings in particular. I have been to places where residents had curious looks at me, wondering what brought me there. Most the time, they were not satisfied by my answer, telling them I just came to take photos as a hobby. Luckily I have never received any warning of no-photo. Here are some photos of a buildings on St. 130 from my latest exploration this month. If you happen to know the background of this building, do kindly share me.

Unknown Building on St. 130Exterior view from other side of the street.

Inside a building on St. 130 Common space on the ground floor

A small girl near broken window. A girl dangerously climbing a chair near a broken window on the second floor. I called her to climb down and in no time a lady came to pick her up. Not a safe place for children to be on their own.

Commissariat (Central Police Station), from circa 1910, commands a corner view by the Post Office. Shuttered for decades, it was featured in the Matt Dillon film City of Ghosts. One feature is the late addition of exterior terraces after French troops learned firsthand that the city’s screened terraces weren’t entirely ornamental but vital for cooling off in the tropic heat. Rumors have circulated for years that it may be reborn as a boutique hotel.

Source: Forbes (I wonder how long this building will survive)

Police Station, Phnom Penh
Former Police Station in 2003 by pigalle

Former Police Station in Phnom PenhFormer Police Station in June 2011

Interior of Former Police Station, Phnom PenhFormer Police Station’s Interior in June 2011