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Railways stations have became places of interest for me to photograph. I used to think of visiting all these old railways stations in the kingdom for my personal collection. However I just do not have time to realize my wish. The station in Banteay Meachey’s provincial town is my latest one I photographed in January 2012. I woke up early morning hoping for some good skies but it was NOT my lucky day. Here are two shots I snapped on that cloudy day.

Serei Sophorn Railway Station
A lady (I assume) riding motor on the station platform in the direction to the vegetable market.

Morning Market A vegetable seller along the railways road not far away from the station. She said do bring her [photos] to the United States.


Last week my workplace had annual staff seminar at Sihanoukville for three days and 2 nights but the program was packed with meeting from morning till evening. Even though we were less than hundred meters from the sea, I guess some of my college didn’t even was able to get close to the sea. On the second day of the seminar I was able to have time for myself after the meeting and before the dinner, but it lasted less than one hour.

Ochheuteal Beach, Sihanouk Ville
Reclining chair at Ochheuteal Beach

Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville
Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville. This photo was taken with two neutral density filters and later manually blended in Photoshop from three exposures from 2 stop bracketing to increase dynamic range (DRI technique)

Ochheuteal Beach, Sihanoukville
I actually sneak away during the dinner near the beach and took this shot while others were enjoying their dinner.

Trail and Error: Star Trail
This a 640 second shot at 02:06 AM!! I opened the shutter curtain for more than 10 minutes to record the movement of the stars. It is my first star trail attempt.

Tatai, Koh Kong

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Since Tatai is just only about 20 km from Koh Kong town, people prefer to stay in the town as there are more options. Tatai does not offer many options for you. Both well-known 4 Rivers lodge and Rainbow lodge can only be reached by river and they are located in different directions from the National Road No. 48. Either of the lodge is not the place for backpacker or budget traveler. If you have financial constraint but still want to stay in Taitai, there is one guest house, Samphos Tatai (Tel: 035-6900 661 or 092-489 649), just a few meters from the bridge. It is run by a very friendly lady, whose husband also organizes tour to jungle around the area. There are 3 rooms for 5 bucks each per night available at the moment. They have a plan to build more bungalows in the near future, and they have already secured more land at the back of their current location.

From the ferry at the bridge you can travel to various places including Taitai waterfall and many other small islands. During my last visit, I could only visit the waterfall. The price of the boat fixed by the community there is a bit expensive and uncompromisable. If you want to save money, you can share a boat with people going to the same destination.

Destinations that you can go by boat from the bridge

Tatai Waterfall, Koh Kong
Tatai waterfall

Tatai river
On the way back from Tatai waterfall

My first visit to Koh Tunsai (Rabbit Island) was about four years ago. I spent one night there with some friends but my stay was ruined as I was down with food poisoning. Again on the very first day of 2011, I revisited the island with my wife, my friend and his wife.

Even though nothing much has changed, I noticed there are increase in number of guest houses and restaurants there. Even massage services are available there now!! To my surprise, Barangs outnumbered the locals on that day. It seemed most of the guesthouses on the island were fully booked, but since we had already booked our rooms in Kep we had to return back to Kep on the same day. Kep was less crowded than I expected. And I was happy with that. The next day I was able to trespass some old villas in Kep with my friend while our ladies went crab shopping. I may write about it later, but now I would love to share you some photos from the island.

Guesthouses on Koh Tunsai
Basic bungalow guesthouses on the Koh Tunsai

Emptying water from boat
A man emptying his boat after unloading seaweed from the boat

Suset at Koh Tunsai
Hammock and Sunset.

Sunset at Koh Tunsai
Sunset view with the boat that brought us to and fro the island.

My First star trail
Star Trails at Kep Beach F/5, Speed: 226 sec., ISO:200

This photo was taken at 2nd not 1st of 2011 at 05:39AM. I did not intent to have the star trails but just wanted to have the smooth sea. Yet as I do not own any ND filter, I had to no choice but to shoot when the light is very low. I did not even see the star trails when I viewed the LCD monitor soon after I got this image. If I had seen it, I would narrow the aperture and drag the shutter speed for a few minutes more.

Wat Arun

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Since I am staying in Khoa San Road, a walkable distance to Choa Phraya river, I decided to head for it on my first evening in Bangkok. The sky was neither boring nor breathtaking, but i was well-content with the trip.

Wat Arun A tourist boat cruising along River Chao Pharya with Wat Arun at the back.

Landing BKK

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I had failed to update this blog for short while with the excuse of hectic month. Now I am in a café near Khoa San Road after landing Bangkok this noon working my a** off to complete those things be done. But I need a short break, so here is an aerial view of Bangkok‘s outskirt.