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Commissariat (Central Police Station), from circa 1910, commands a corner view by the Post Office. Shuttered for decades, it was featured in the Matt Dillon film City of Ghosts. One feature is the late addition of exterior terraces after French troops learned firsthand that the city’s screened terraces weren’t entirely ornamental but vital for cooling off in the tropic heat. Rumors have circulated for years that it may be reborn as a boutique hotel.

Source: Forbes (I wonder how long this building will survive)

Police Station, Phnom Penh
Former Police Station in 2003 by pigalle

Former Police Station in Phnom PenhFormer Police Station in June 2011

Interior of Former Police Station, Phnom PenhFormer Police Station’s Interior in June 2011



Abandoned Building

Abandoned Building

Inside the abandoned building located at the corner of Norodom Blvd and St. 110. The photos were taken about seven months ago and later retouched with Photomatrix and Photoshop.

Abandoned Building
A well-known abandoned building in front of National Museum, Phnom Penh.

An Old Building
The lighted view of the building from outside.

If you have put a little more attention, you would notice that there are so many abandoned buildings in the heart of Phnom Penh. In fact, I have trespassed on some of those buildings, though I do not have a decent photo to show off. After reading articles on “How to photograph abandoned places” and “Urban exploration guide for photographers’’ by Alain P, it struck me that there are plenty of buildings for that kind of photography here. However, taking such a great shot is far from easy.

Urban Exploration in Montreal by megapixelicious

Is there anyone having interest in this photography? I am looking for partners, as I do not have gut to do it alone.