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This time we explored some new locations and found some interesting apartments. Here are some photos from our latest Phnom Penh’s architecture walk.


I have taken the photos of this old building for several times, but I had never reached it this close. The building is located right in front of National Museum. There are many more old colonial buildings in Phnom Penh that are being left to decay and waiting the day of collapse. Though I heard that FCC group has acquired this handsome building, there has been no sign of renovation. It is a shame and painful to see these buildings are well forgotten by responsible persons.

Phnom Penh Architecture Tour

Posted: October 13, 2007 in Photos
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This morning my friend and I made a tour by following the map of Khmer Architecture Tours to see the some of the old buildings erected before 1970. Surprisingly there are many abandoned buildings in the heart of Phnom Penh, which could still have stood elegantly , if more and proper care and renovation were made. It is a sad thing.

This beautiful decayed vacant building used to be an apartment building in 1910s.

Old Hotel International. You still can find the building and the sign, though it is no longer the hotel.