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It is hard to believe that today at about 13:30 once again another fire broke out in Phnom Penh. This time razed more than 40 houses near Beong Trobek High School. Apparently the fire caused by electricity failure in a house that all family members were absent from home. How many people are going to suffer by from this disaster?

The photo was taken from the second floor of my apartment.


Last night at about 10:30 PM a fire broke out nearby former Lon Non residence and the Phum 6 Primary School. As long as I can remember, it is the first time that fire fighter vehicle passed my house. The origin of the fire is unknown, at least to my understanding. Fortunately fire fighters came on time and putting it under control before it became too strong. However, ironically I saw a few fire trucks were relatively far from the houses on fire directing water onto some of well-to-do residences. I heard that four or five houses were destroyed by the fire.

Fire in Phnom Penh
The houses at the back of a security office are on Fire
Fire in Phnom Penh
The fire fighter vehicles directing water onto some wealthy residences

Just three days ago, on 11 April a fire also broke out in poor community of Russey Keo district, claiming more than 200 houses and leaving thousands of people homeless before the commencement of Khmer New Year. Then, on 12 April Naga Hotel and Casio catch fire, though no injury were reported. Since fire can easily break out during this hottest season, people should be more attentive on flammability.