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In December last year, I received an expected email from Thansur Bokor Highland Resort’s Market Department asking me whether I am interested in doing photography project with them. It was quite is big one and more importantly was just exactly the types that could enjoy doing it.

The project was divided into two phases. The Phase I mainly covers the shooting of landscape and landmarks of Borkor Hill, while the phase II’s shooting is about resort facilities and buildings. I spent about 5 days for the first project. Sadly I could not get all the required shots due to unfavorable weather. Personally I wished to overnight on the hill, but the resort management said no on the ground that it is not safe to do so.  

Here are some photos from the Phase I. I am expecting to start the Phase II someday this month.
Old Church
The Old Church

Wat Sampao Pram
Wat Sampoa Pram or Five-boat Temple

100 Rice Field
100 rice field, but what you find are just stones and stones.

A dam on the hill for water supplies to the resort

Giant Face
The giant stone face along the way up to Bokor Hill

PS: I was introduced to the Marketing Department by a staffer in the same company who have followed this blog for some time. I cannot thank him enough.   



Durian and mangosteen are widely known in Southeast Asia as King and Queen of fruits respectively. However due it strong smell, the King enjoy less popularity than queen amongst foreigners outside the region. Personally I have never met any foreigner who does not like our queen. Both of the trees can be cultivated locally but in limited areas. Having eaten the fruits since I was small kids, I have just seen their trees with my own eyes during my trip to Kampot last week. I find mangosteen tree is more impressive and even springing, especially when you get right under the tree.

Mangosteen tree. Its leaves almost reach the earth. You need duck inside to see its trunk. The farmer said chicken like to sleep on the its tree brands during nighttime.

The look inside. Kids are picking the fruits for us.

If you have never seen it, here is the flower of durian.

The King of fruits: Durian

Kampot Town

Posted: May 3, 2010 in Travel, unposted

A few years back I have been to Kampot province for quite number of times, and to its provincial town for a couple of times. Yet, not until my trip last week that I had time to enjoy this laid-back town lined with old colonial buildings. I am glad that I could make the trip It was my first time to see durian and mangosteen trees. Kampot is famous for durian, pepper and salt.

laid-back town of KampotAn untended colonial building facing the river.

The old bridge of Kampot The old bridge. It was destroyed during Pol Pot regime and later repaired but not to its original shape.