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A Little Quest

Posted: August 23, 2010 in My Life, unposted
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I have tried to pay attention whenever I am on the National Road No. 5 after hearing that there is an old church in Russei Keo from a friend; and a few weeks back I spotted an old entrance sign of a church. I thought that must be one I have sought after.

It was a hot Saturday with beautiful sky, a good day for another quest for our little holy grail. I texted my like-minded friend, fixing the time to check it. Sadly it turned out to be not the one we are after. We made some inquiries to some local people, but no one had any ideas about the old church.

New option came up after the failure to locate the church, visiting the rooftop of an old building we have noticed for sometimes near river side. The view was more than we expected. It was a good Saturday after all.

On the way On a hot but beautiful Saturday.

Water Reservoir I asked my friend to pull over for this shot.

Mountain View from a building's rooftop in Phnom Penh Never in my life I had ever seen mountain range from anywhere in Phnom Penh


After seeing the photos of the church in Globe’s November 2009 issue, I had tried to locate its whereabouts for months. Actually I had come very close to it for several times with my friend, but we could not find it. At last, today I was able to reach her. Sovann Philong, the Phnom Penh Post’s photographer, had commuted the area for several weeks and made some inspiring photos of the church and life of people living there.

According to the magazine, half of the 15 families living inside the Chapel have accepted payment to leave from a local developer, who plans commerce and arts center in the area.

The Chapel of the Sisters of Providence Hospice
The Chapel of the Sisters of Providence Hospice bathed in the late afternoon’s light.

The Chapel of the Sisters of Providence Hospice
A closer look at the Chapel’s cross.

The Chapel of the Sisters of Providence Hospice
I guess the place where these kids are playing was a part of the church compound.