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Thought a bit late, here are some photos from my two-week trip to Japan in July 2009.

090925Japan1Have no idea what it is called in English or Japanese. It is normally found at temple or shire where wishing boards are hung. This is Katuso-ji famous for the red wish Daruma doll (dharma doll) in Mino city, Osaka Prefecture.

090925Japan2The Tower of the Sun(太陽の塔)is an artwork created by Japanese artist Tarō Okamoto. It was known as the symbol of Expo ’70 and currently is preserved and located in the Expo Commemoration Park in Suita, Osaka, Japan. The tower has three faces on its front and back. (Source: Wikipedia)

090925Japan3Guardian deity of children or Ojizo-sama (お地蔵さま), one of the most loved of all Japanese divinities. In Chōhō-ji temple(頂法寺) in Kyoto city.

090925Japan4Maple tree in summer. Its leaves turn yellow and red in autumn. I have missed autumn for seven years now. Wondering if I will ever have chance to capture its beauty again when they turn red and yellow.

090925Japan5A Store selling Japanese traditional snacks in Kyoto.


Just a quick update. I have arrived at Osaka since last Saturday but could not afford time for blogging.

The day before yesterday I needed to send a document to my friend, but unfortunately I could not get connected to internet from the hotel room I stayed. I had no choice but to find internet café even it was after 1 am. I grabbed my D80, memory stick and hotel map heading to the recommended internet café, Airs Café. I snapped a few shots while I strolling back and forth looking for the café. However, I could not find it and ended up using another internet café with more expensive charge.

As I spared some time today I selected the photo below for the update. Surprisingly Airs Café is just right away on the top of the photo.
090719Shotengai Sonezaki Ohatsutenji Dori Shotengai (shop street) after midnight.

Sadly I have just found that, for some unknown reason, about 20% of my photos are corrupted. Among the corrupted there are some of my favorites. So far I have not had much chance to shoot for I am here as translator, but hopefully I can release more shutters when we go to Kyoto for sightseeing this Sunday.

Short Absence

Posted: July 4, 2008 in SVA
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In a few hours more, I will be away from Cambodia for about 2 weeks on mission to my second hometown. Hoping to be back with D80 this time.

Departure to Japan

Posted: August 25, 2007 in My Life, SVA
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I am leaving for Osaka, where I had been for the first year of my 3 year study in Japan, in a week with 2 other colleagues to make presentation about Cambodia and the activities of organization but I have not prepared anything, though this morning we have gone to Russian market to buy some gifts for our hosts. What worse, we are having annual project and budget plan next week before our departure. It is gonna be a busy week again.

In the schedule it seems there is endless of moving since we are going to stay at 10 different place, 2 hotels and 8 home stays within 2 weeks!!!!!! I am sure it gonna be exhausted but joyful trip. Will back on 18 after stopover in Bangkok for 2 nights.