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Abandoned Building

Abandoned Building

Inside the abandoned building located at the corner of Norodom Blvd and St. 110. The photos were taken about seven months ago and later retouched with Photomatrix and Photoshop.


Tampa Block

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Architecture
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I guess many have heard the name of Tampa block, but not many have witnessed it. I have make more than a little of exploration of Phnom Penh architectures, yet I am still amazed by this site even after my repeated visit. It is enclosed in a shape of big rectangle, and originally there was a big open space in the middle. Sadly more than a score of years back, houses were erected in the open space. Not surprisingly, such a great iconic building does not get the care it deserves, and now is dangerously deteriorating.

Tampa Community

Tampa Community

Tampa Community

Tampa Community

Last Sunday again I explored Phnom Penh endangered architectures with my architect friend. This time we started from Pheah Monivong Hospital acquired by Royal Group for Department Store to be erected sometimes in the future. We politely sought permission for photographs from the guard men but were refused; however I managed to get a few snapshots from the main gate.

The next destination was the building named after the very same word-Building. It is located near Residence of Russian Ambassador. It is also considered as a slum, and I am sure it is never come into the places-to-go list for most of people. It was also my first time to be there. Frankly at the begging I was slightly nervous as it is not a place of good reputation. Inside the building it was dark but well-ventilated. Most of the units have one or two rooms with kitchen, bathroom and veranda. After about ten minutes strolling inside the building, I felt completely safe and sensed the friendliness of the residents. We even have intruded into a few houses to get some clues about the interior layouts. We ended up chitchatting with them as if we just happened to live nearby. I noticed there were so many Marenh Kongveal there, but I found no hint of druggie or prostitute (what it is infamous for. Perhaps I was on the wrong block or it was just not active in daytime.)

The last exploration on that day was the building located on the corner of Norodom Blvd. and St. 110. The building roof has collapsed and building itself was beyond renovation. According to the nearby residents, someone has purchased it but left it to fall down. There is no sign of people living in this French colonial building. I personally love this building and wish someone have paid good attention and care on it keeping it standing still as long as it can. But with current condition, it will be gone soon or later. It is only a matter of time.

Preah Monivong HospitalPreah Monivong Hospital

Building Slum. This is just a part of it.Building Slum. This is just a part of it.

A monk collecting alms along the corridorA monk collecting alms along the corridor

Marenh Kongveal hanged in front of the roomMarenh Kongveal hanged in front of the room

A view of Phnom Penh Center from resident veranda A view of Phnom Penh Center from resident veranda

Children playing card at corridorChildren playing card at corridor

Clothes hanged at shared staircaseClothes hanged at shared staircase

An old building with collapsed roofAn old building with collapsed roof

A wall of the old buildingA wall of the old building

Residences next to the old buildingResidences next to the old building