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Last week my workplace had annual staff seminar at Sihanoukville for three days and 2 nights but the program was packed with meeting from morning till evening. Even though we were less than hundred meters from the sea, I guess some of my college didn’t even was able to get close to the sea. On the second day of the seminar I was able to have time for myself after the meeting and before the dinner, but it lasted less than one hour.

Ochheuteal Beach, Sihanouk Ville
Reclining chair at Ochheuteal Beach

Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville
Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville. This photo was taken with two neutral density filters and later manually blended in Photoshop from three exposures from 2 stop bracketing to increase dynamic range (DRI technique)

Ochheuteal Beach, Sihanoukville
I actually sneak away during the dinner near the beach and took this shot while others were enjoying their dinner.

Trail and Error: Star Trail
This a 640 second shot at 02:06 AM!! I opened the shutter curtain for more than 10 minutes to record the movement of the stars. It is my first star trail attempt.


 No difference from other railway stations in Cambodia, this station is hardly put into use, though it not completely abandoned. Only one train comes to the station every two or three days carrying mostly cargoes rather than passengers. I heard that the views along the way are pretty amazing. I have been thinking of taking a ride once day, but chance has yet to come.

In front of the station. It was a little bit flooded at that time I was there.

Inside in the station. There was not a soul when I walked in.

Railroad and platform. Cows was grassing nearby the platform.

The two siblings playing around the station. “Why dun you take me photos, uncle” the girl asked me. So I gave her several shots. As she wanted the photos, I printed the photos and brought them to her house a few days later. Sadly she was not there, so I left them with her older sister. Hope they like them.

Sothy’s photos inspire me to make exploration of sky photography. I found twilight sky is very beautiful. Even though it is a little bit dark, it can be dealt with slow shutter. If I had tripod with me, I could have tried it with longer time exposure. Here are some sky photos I got from Sihanoukville.

I have arrived in Sihanoukville yesterday. I am gonna be here for another two weeks, the longest period to be here ever, to attend the ADI Training Part 2.

Got another shoot to share. It was taken at Coco Shack Bar, one of score of bars along Serendipity Beach adjoining Ocheuteal Beach. And yeah, beer is cheap there, 0.50 buck for a glass of draft beer. But what I really like you can hear the sound of sea wave with background music.

Entertaining show by bar boys