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Final scores of residents of Dey Krahom slum were cleared by bulldozers from the slum this morning. There were negotiations on compensation between the remaining resident the 7NG company who has purchased the land, but the deal have never been made so far. Without prior notice, this morning the remaining families were evicted by force.

Actually at about 9AM, I saw scores of police blocking the road to Dey Krahom while I was on my moving on my bike, but I did not have time to check it out as I had an errand to do. As 7NG has showed intention to clear the area recently, I guessed that it probably their final day have come. Sadly it is true.

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Dey Krahom

The above photo was taken on December 21, 2008 from the roof of Building slum. Now these houses are no longer standing there. They were leveled off for development plan, urban beautification or whatever.


This afternoon I got a forwarded mail from Housing Rights Task Force, learning that Beoung Kok, the biggest lake in Phnom Penh is now being filled with soil piped from the river. More than 90% of Beoung Kok is said be filled with the river soil for development project, reducing the size of the lake from 130 hectares to only 10 hectares. Sooner or later, people living in the surrounding slums as well as the backpacker area will be evicted; regardless they are unwilling to do so or not. Personally I do not agree with this development plan. I wish the lake should be kept and developed into a public park with greenness, what I think Phnom Penh dwellers really need now.

Bird-eyed Beoung Kok Lake, Image from Google Earth

“Due to people there, the company started their pumping preparation around 7 AM in the morning with about 30 police gathering on the site. The pumping started around 9 AM and stopped for 30-minute break at 11 AM. According to what people heard, the company will pump the sand into the lake for 18.00hours/daily.

It said that at the meeting took place yesterday on August 25, 2008 between communities and Municipality of Phnom Penh, the Municipality offered to those family that agree to move to the new site one flat with 2,000,000 Riel; and to those wanting money a sum of 8,000 $ plus 2, 000,000 Riel. No more offer!!!!!! ” wrote Ms. Rachana from Housing Rights Task Force.

Beoung Kok Lake filled with soil piped from river. Photo by Housing Rights Task Force