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There is time when your lens is not wide enough to get the whole object as you want; neither the space is enough for feet zoom. That is time when stitching come to your rescue. With Adobe Photoshop CS 3’s photomerge and lens correction, you can leave the costly ultra wide lenses to persons with deep pockets. No wide lens? No worry!! All you need is some labor and time.

Original photos before stitching.

This can be done in about 5 minutes.


Seven photos were stitched together to create this panorama Olympic Stadium.

I have never been more convincing than what I did an hour ago that a licensed Photoshop CS4 could cost you more than $600. Fortunately, I do not have to spend those $$ on these licensed Adobes.


I have tried stitched photos for a couple of times, but it was very time-consuming and I have always had problem with blending exposures as each photo got slightly different one. With Automate Photomerge, it works a like magic. What you should do is just wait a minute or two. It will do all the dirty works for you flawlessly.

Read here to learn to create your panorama.