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I hate to wake up early if I do not have to, but again it is an exception when it comes to capturing sunrise.

My alarm rang at 4:20 and within an hour I was in front of Sras Srang where a few tourists were pointing their cameras at or enjoying the early morning view of the ancient pond. I was not able to visit the place in advance for location scouting, but I had some images of photos I wanted as I have checked some photos of Sunrise at Sras Srang. Luckily, today morning sky was not disappointed.

As a rule is not good to have foreground in the middle, but i had no power to remove it. That is why you find it here in an undesirable location.

Could not find any interesting foreground to include in this frame. And again as rule is not good not to have one.

Maybe this is the one composed by the rules. But sometimes we are taught to break those rules.

Actually a few minutes before 6:00 I moved to nearby Pre Rub temple, even before I could see the rising sun, as the sky was getting brighter and brighter, and I did not come with a long-neck lens.


Rising Sun

Posted: August 8, 2009 in Nightscape
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Shooting rising or setting sun is one of my favorites and I have done so here and there for some times. Yet, I had always wanted to have palm trees that are typically Cambodia as a foreground.

This Wednesday, 5th day of August my workplace arranged a study visit to Phum Chan village, located in Baray District of Kampong Thom. We spent our night at a temple nearby Phum Chan Primary School where we had exchange program with students there. Before laying my back on the mate, I set my alarm clock to 05:00 AM. I woke up and was ready just in a few minutes after the alarm went off. It is not what I normally do, as usually it takes a few times of snoozing to wake me up. But when it comes to shooting your favorites, it is a different story. ;D

I did not have time to check the place in advance, so I just walked to the direction where the sun rose. I had to climb up the temple wall as I cant loose the time to go back and find a gate. The sky was kind enough to give me a clear look of the sun. It was worth to wake up when the sky was still dark.