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I visited Wat Phnom yesterday with expectation of some wild activities. But when I was there at around 3 pm, there was just a group of people playing some traditional games. 😦

Khmer New Year at Wat Phnom

Khmer New Year at Wat Phnom

Khmer New Year at Wat Phnom

In recent years, I have been anywhere far from Phnom Penh, so I end up visiting Wat Phnom for some New Year shots. It was also the place where I met Ari, a Finnish photographer, in person for the first time. At that time there were kids powdering each other, but this time I found no one doing anything wild again. To me, KNY year becomes quieter and quieter and less and less fun.


I used to dream of a fast and high-performance telephoto zoom lens that normally never comes cheap. However in the last few months I was so much in love with my ultra-wide angle lens that I hardly think of it, if not totally forgot about it. Early this month I learned from a friend of mine that I a Barang has some glasses for sale. He got 2 glasses, one of them was appealing to me due to its affordable price. The AF Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 D ED, released since 1997. The pitfall of the lens was many fungi existed inside the lens, but luckily now they are likely gone now after I got it serviced.

Last Saturday, I was able to experience it while I was out with two other photo enthusiasts. Considering the price, I have nothing to complaint about its quality and focusing noise (the AF-S with silence motor costs a lot more). Here are some shots I got from the walk.

A small shrine at Wat Phnom A small shrine at Wat Phnom

Money at Wat Phnom Monkey at Wat Phnom

090415mePhoto courtesy of Ari Vitikainen
Taken with D3 and Nikkor ED 70-200mm F2.8G