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I submitted three photos below for the 4th CJCC Photo Contest, and yesterday I was informed that two of them (both of them were taken on the same day at Wat Tuol Tompong) were selected for the first round.

From the center of Pre Rub
From the center of Pre Rub

Pchhum Ben at Wat Tuol TompoungPchhum Ben at Wat Tuol Tompoung

Pchhum Ben Day 3, at Wat Tuol Tompoung Pchhum Ben at Wat Tuol Tompoung


Wat Toul Tompoung: Gentle rain came in the early morning of the third day of Pchhum Ben. This was my last thing I wished for yesterday. There was no seller at the main gate as it was when I visited the very same place two years back. Disappointed to see a very few goers, I had nothing much to do but scouting locations for the shots I came for. The process time was delayed. Luckily not long before the process started, several bunches of people arrived by cars. It made me forget the fatigue of lack of sleep, when I saw people move to sala into the compound of Vihara, the main building.

I came home with total satisfaction when I visited the temple 2 years ago for the same purpose, but when I looked at those photos again today, I feel… Well, you can see some of these photos here by yourself. I hope when I look at the photos I take yesterday two years later, I can have the same feeling.

Here are some of the photos from yesterday. I will share my best of the day some day later, though.

Pchhum Ben Day 3, at Wat Tuol Tompoung A short pray before the process

Pchhum Ben Day 3, at Wat Tuol Tompoung Gathering before the process

Pchhum Ben Day 3, at Wat Tuol Tompoung The process of giving food to deceased relatives

Wat Tuol Tompoung

Posted: March 24, 2010 in Architecture, Daily Life

Wat Toul Tompong
First Visit on 18 March. The lower part was cropped out.

Wat Tuol Tompoung
Second visit on 23 March.

You can clearly see that the sky in the first photo is much more dramatic than the second one which is just a boring blue. I did not bring tripod with me when I visited there on 18, as I did not have plan do shooting there. I did want the tree leafs inside the frame, so I decided I had to come here again next time with a tripod. On 23 I made my second visit, but I was welcomed by a rather dull blue sky. Maybe I will do my third visit someday.