Coco Shack Bar, Sihanoukville

Posted: October 12, 2008 in Photos
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I have arrived in Sihanoukville yesterday. I am gonna be here for another two weeks, the longest period to be here ever, to attend the ADI Training Part 2.

Got another shoot to share. It was taken at Coco Shack Bar, one of score of bars along Serendipity Beach adjoining Ocheuteal Beach. And yeah, beer is cheap there, 0.50 buck for a glass of draft beer. But what I really like you can hear the sound of sea wave with background music.

Entertaining show by bar boys

  1. Phossdey says:

    Now I envy! Want to be in Sihanoukville too.

  2. angkor138 says:

    50 cent a glass is cheap. Is it Angkor or Tiger beer?

  3. Sothy says:

    Yes this size is great. Very nice. You are very creative by trying slower shutter speed. Great choice. How slow was it?

  4. Sothy says:

    After I left you a comment, I recalled that one time I used to try slower shutter too, but with cheerleaders. More attractive subjects, arent they? LOL … those cheerleaders are just beautiful. Guess what? 2 of them were my former students back in 2007.

  5. Phal says:

    Sis, I know you are sea lover. I do love Sihanoukville.
    It is Anchor, angkor138. The happy hour is till 11:00pm, so you can drink as much as you want.

    Sothy, the shutter speed is 1 min and I increased ISO to 400. It seems you have every kind of photos…. 🙂


    boy play fire work is verygood

  7. edwin says:

    i whant contact with coco shack or happy shack next coco shack who can helpme it is important thank you allready

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