About Me

Chea Phal, a citizen of Cambodia, graduated from Institute of Foreign Languages in this July 2006 and currently working in a Japanese NGO in the fields of educational and cultural rehabilitation to provide equal education to Cambodian children, especially to poor children in remote areas.

With Nikon D80

This personal online journal is nothing more than records of daily life of what I see through my camera’s lenses. I have greatly enjoyed my passion for photography after getting my Nikon D80 in September 2008.

The word “tumnei” is a Khmer word meaning “having spare time” in English. As I usually stroll for some shots when I can effort spare time, it might explain the name.

Hope you can find a couple of your favorites here.

I can be reached at cheaphal[at]gmail[dom]com


  1. Phymean Noun says:

    Hi Phal,

    You took very nice pictures. Thanks for post picture of the kid at my organization. You doing a great job for the children in Cambodia. If you want to contact with me you can email to me directly.

    All the best,

  2. Phal says:

    Bang Phymean, thank for dropping by. Actually, by chance on that day they were schedule to conduct Mobile Library activities at your center and I needed to interview some children working on the dumping site, so I went there with them. I am doing a small research there, if I have time I also want to interview you as well.

    Hope to see CNN Here in person some day.

  3. khmerbird says:

    your blog is cool brother, keep posting 😉

  4. Phal says:

    Hi Khmerbird, it is my joy to have you visited my blog. For sure I will keep posting what comes up to my mind, though I cannot do it at your pace.

  5. Sopheak says:

    Wow what a very interesting blog is. There are so many things about Cambodia. Nice one.

  6. tumnei says:

    Hi Sopheak, thank for popping in and dropping your comment. Hope to see you coming here again.

  7. Rooster_kool says:

    It’s a nice blog bro. Keep posting 😀

  8. tumnei says:

    Will do it as long as I am Tumei. hehe.

  9. Richard See says:

    Hi there,

    Stumble on your photo blog on the website. It is very informative. I’m a Malaysian and have been in Phnom Penh for about 8 months now.
    I’m actually working with a local advertising agency and is doing some research on internet usage in Cambodia, especially Cambodians.
    Do you know where I can find out more information – some data?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,
    Richard See
    Cambodia Mobile: 089 766 048

  10. tumnei says:

    Hi Richard. I am sorry that I have no idea where you can get the data or literature that you need. Hope you can get it somewhere soon.

  11. Vanna KEJ says:

    nice diary mr Phal.

  12. វណ្ណ says:

    Your blog, and your pictures are cool! Hopte to get to khow you better.

  13. Suntharak says:

    I am Impressed with your work! Great pictures and story behind it. It is a great door to Cambodia (especially, Phnom Penh) for people abroad. I wish I will be able to do that if I move back to Phnom Penh

  14. mega aisyah says:

    i am from indonesia,,,
    i am gonna go phnom penh on the beginning of Oct,,,
    anyway, many muslim champa lives in chrang chamres,,,
    is it right? i plan to visit them,,,
    could you tell where are the other locations?
    ourkun chreun,,,

  15. tumnei says:

    Hi Mega,

    You are right that Chrang Chamres is a big Muslim community. There are many Muslim communities along the National Road No. 5. There is also a big Mosque near Beonng Kok backpacker area at the back of Phnom Penh hotel. There are may Halal restaurants in Phnom Penh where I guess you get more information. Good luck with your trip.

  16. Tola says:

    Hey Phal, I really like your banner..It is the picture of my hometown, Phnom Sampov, I can see my house too. This picture really makes me miss my hometown…thanks for sharing all nice pictures

  17. Tumnei says:

    Hi Tola. Great to hear that I got your house in the shot. I do love Battambang scenery. It is a very nice place to be. Will go there again, if I have time.

  18. បូរាណ says:

    hope you tumnei a lot more so that i can see more of your photos… 😀

  19. tumnei says:

    haha. I hope i can make it. Some of your exposures are pretty cool as well, boran. Hope to see more from you too. :p

  20. Amuser says:

    Hi Tumnei,

    I am looking for the updates about the Cambodian Snake Boy. When i searched for him, i only get old news only. Can you please tell me how is the boy now ? I really want to get all his past and present news and want to stay updated anything about him. Please kindly inform me with whatever details you have about him.

    • tumnei says:

      I have been visited the boy only once. I did get much information from him at that time. What I heard is that he used to sleep with the snake in the past but he stopped doing so as the snake is so big now. Sorry that I can give you any details about him.

  21. Colin Meyn says:

    Hi Chea Phal,

    I love your web site. I am the editor of Lift magazine, which is published in the Phnom Pneh Post, and I was curious if you would like to have your blog featured in our magazine. If you have a chance to communicate over the phone or by email please send me a message at colin.meyn@phnompenhpost.com


    Colin Meyn

  22. ញ៉ុមពិតជាចូលចិត្តប្លករបស់បងណាស់! វាបានបង្ហាញពីជីវិតជាច្រើន ដែលមិនសូវបាននិយាយ តែគឺបង្ហាញតាមរូបថត! Let Continue your work!!!

    Picture worth thousands of word!

  23. tumnei says:

    អគុណក្មេងស្រែ​ចំពោះការគាំទ្រ ហើយ​សង្ឈឹមថានឹងមកចូលលេងញឹកញាប់ទៀត។

  24. ហេស ហេហ… ង៉ៃនេះទំនេច្រើន,​ចឹងសុំដើរមើលផ្ទះ មើលរូបថតផងបងអើយ!

  25. Hi there,

    I chanced upon your blog and found the post, “No laughing?”, of interest to our online publication asia! (www.theasiamag.com). We’d very much like to use it on asia! and hope we can have your permission to do so. It will appear with your byline and we will link back to your website.

    Thanks very much and I look forward to your positive response.

    Carmela Mendoza

    • tumnei says:

      It is my honor and pleasure to get it published on your online magazine. I am wondering if you can let me know after you get it published. I can be reached at cheaphal[at]gmail[dot]com

  26. Tisha says:

    Hi brother Phal,

    You are such a great person who I should need to learn the great achievement from. Your every photographs are inspiring the real world.
    And well thanks for letting me in here to browse everything inside and great honor to drop you some lines. Good luck in your job and keep up the great work when you tumnei 🙂


  27. Prema Krish says:

    Hi! I truly appreciate the beauty and depth of the pictures you’ve taken in this country that i’ve come to love so much. Get in touch with me the next time you visit Battambang cos i hope we can be friends and learn from each other.

    • tumnei says:

      I found Battambang is a very pleasant place to live and traverse during my visit in last November. I hope I can visit here again; and I’ll let you know if I have chance to visit there again.

  28. RHINO says:

    I found your photo taken is so fascinated. I like taking photo also…Hope you can give me some tips. By the way I am also a Cambodian.

  29. Clo says:

    Hi Phal !

    I’m working for ladypenh.com a web listing of what is going on Phnom Penh cultural scene. I would like to let you know that I’ll use one of your pictures to illustrate the edito I’ll write to promote the next show of the danser Belle Chumvan Sodhachivy.

    I’ll precise your name and the adress of your blog in the credits.

    I hope you will agree, and I warmly invite you to check on ladypenh.com what’s going on in Phnom Penh.

    All the best

  30. tumnei says:

    Hi Clo,

    Thank you for asking for permission in advance. I am glad that you find the photo useful. By the way could you indicate me the photo that you wish to use?

    • clo says:

      I used the photo of Belle that you took last year at the Louis Sclavis and Phare Ponleur Selpak’s show at Centre Culturel Français… I ppublished it on ladypenh.com today and it will appear online until next Monday.

      And by the way, do you know that I appear fron behind on one of the pictures you took juste one hour before the show ?

      Hope that you’ll have a look on ladypenh.com and you’ll like it.
      All the best!


    • tumnei says:

      I have checked it. I am also her fan and I hope I can go to see her show this time at Chenla.

      So you must be somewhere sitting on the mates.

  31. Che says:

    do you use wireless trigger for your Nissin di622?
    I own one too, but could not get any wireless trigger that works with this Flash…

  32. ហេសហេសហេស… ទើប​តែ​កត់​សម្គាល់​ឃើញ​ឈ្មោះ​បង​ថា ផល ទេនេះ, ខំ​ដើរ​សួរ​អ្នក​ប្លក់​ថា ស្គាល់​បង ទុំណី ឬអត់? អត់​មាន​អ្នក​នា​ស្គាល់​លីង! ទើប​តែ​រក​ឃើញ​បង​លើ ហ្វេស​ប៊ុក ហើយ​ក៏​បាន share រូបភាព​ដែល​ញ៉ុម​ពេញ​ចិត្ត​ជាង​គេ​១​ដែរ! អរគុណ​បង! ញ៉ុម​ចូល​ចិត្ត​រូប​របស់​បង​ណាស់!

    • tumnei says:

      ខ្ញុំ​ដាក់ឈ្មោះ​នៅ​ទំព័រ​នេះតើ កាលអានលើកមុន​អត់ឃើញ​ទេឬ? ក្មេងស្រែ​នៅ​ហ្ចេសប៊ុន​​មាននាមអ្វីដែរ?

  33. Vanna says:

    Hey, I’m considering to acquire a DSLR. I prefer Canon (but Nikon also fine). Could you recommend one to a new beginner as me with the price <1000$?

  34. tumnei says:

    I am not quite familiar with canon, but I think Canon 500D or 550D will do a very good job. Both of them are within your budget limitation.

    • Vanna says:

      How much is your Nikon D90? Why you choose Nikon?

    • tumnei says:

      Nikon D90 is more than one grand (I think about $1,100) with its lens kits (Nikon 18-105mm VR). If you ask me, i would say D90 is better than Canon 500D or 550D. And most of the reviews say so.

      I could not remember well how I picked up Nikon D80 at the fist time, but it is like a life-long relation when you accumulate the accessories. It is hard to switch to new brand. It is not like from PC to MAC 🙂

  35. Solinn says:

    Fantastic! You’ve got the talent Phal. Solinn

  36. Piseth says:

    Admirable passion you’ve got.

      • Piseth says:

        You are welcome! I like people who keep learning and sharing what they have learned. Keeping things we have learned unshared won’t help, unless we want to sell them. As the saying goes “A candle won’t lose its light by lighting others”.

      • tumnei says:

        Sharing is also a very good way to learn as well. I am less active here lately, but i will try to find time to update this blog sometimes. A very nice quote anyway. 🙂

  37. Ben says:

    Hey there!

    You’ve got quite a passion and skill there! I’m a fellow photographer but only an amateur. I am Canadian but I am currently in Phnom Penh and will be around the different provinces of Cambodia for the next five months. Just wondering – where’d you get your ND filters? I’m looking to take similar shots as you did in Sihanoukville. I was around Central Market today but had no luck… (they had a Hoya polarizing filter, which went for $5…are these filters trustworthy?)

    Good luck with your work and I look forward to hearing from you!


    • tumnei says:

      I am an amateur too. The ND filter I got is a gift from a friend in Japan. Your choices of ND here is very limited. You can visit Camera shops along Monivong Street (Lom Or Thmei or Sabaynah) in front of Lucky Burger. Sabaynah may still have good B+W ND filters (It is from Germany and a bit expensive) What is your filter size by the way?

  38. borky101 says:

    Hello nice blog you got here 🙂 It’s really nice to find people who are into photography here in Phnom Penh 🙂 I wish you could visit my blog to and link it. I will link yours too in my blog and you don’t mind if I feature this blog right?’

    by the way here is my blog: http://www.borkyperida.wordpress.com

  39. tumnei says:

    I have just checked your blog and photos. They are amazing. I have also put a a link to your blog from here. Well, I am not really active here lately, but you can find some more of my photo at http://www.flickr.com/photos/panpal/

  40. pagna says:

    All nice photo and skill computer

  41. sothearin says:

    Wow all your photos are stunning. Great job 😀

  42. Penh J. Bunnarong says:

    Hi Pha,

    May I have a guest post on your blog about using drone camera? Example: https://10techy.com/best-drone-cameras/


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