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I submitted three photos below for the 4th CJCC Photo Contest, and yesterday I was informed that two of them (both of them were taken on the same day at Wat Tuol Tompong) were selected for the first round.

From the center of Pre Rub
From the center of Pre Rub

Pchhum Ben at Wat Tuol TompoungPchhum Ben at Wat Tuol Tompoung

Pchhum Ben Day 3, at Wat Tuol Tompoung Pchhum Ben at Wat Tuol Tompoung


On last Saturday waking up at 4 am sharp, I made a very quick preparation and walked to the main road to hail a motor taxi heading to Wat Langka. Last year during this 15-day period of Pchhum Ben, I went to the nearby Wat Tuol Tompoung with a Japanese friend of mine. This year I picked up Wat Langka considering many people would visit the temple, and I was not wrong on that. The visit to the temple was very fruitful as I got some shots that kept me smile inside. Here are some of them.

090912PchhumBen1This slow-shutter shot turned the walking visitors into something like a line of smoke, leaving only the two standing ladies who did not move around while I opened the shutter.

090912PchhumBen2By the time I found this location, the ceremony of offering sticky rice ball (Baiy Ben) to deceased ancestors was nearly end. I was lucky to get this one shot.

090912PchhumBen3When I walk out of the temple, the sky at the back of Independence Monument was just great, so I thought getting it in the background of this frame would look nice.

090912IndependenceHere is the bonus shot, lightened Independence Monument without a trail of motor or car light. It is not what you can achieve in the evening time.

Arriving home 15 minute before six my family was waiting me to accompany them to Wat Kambol along National Road No. 4, a few kilometers from Phnom Penh International Airport. In the afternoon of the same day, I left for the hometown of my wife in Takeo and spend one night there as well. I will share some photos I took there later.

It is the 14th day or the second last day of Pchhum Ben (ភ្ជុំបិណ្ឌ), but it is my first visit to pagoda. And yet taking photo was the sole purpose of the visit. I woke up at 3 am and with a Japanese friend of mine went to Tuol Tompong pagod​a (វត្តទួលទំពូង), the closest one to my house.

There were a few people in front of the pagoda and a couple more inside selling Bay Ben (បាយបិណ្ឌ), special sticky rice to offer to deceased relatives, but there were not many people coming as it seemed to be still early. At about 5 am, the procession, the main event that I want to witness, around temple offering the Bay Ben started. It was leaded by an Achar.

As my lens is not equipped with VR (Vibration Reduction), or what Canon calls Stabilizer, without tripod, it is impossible to produce photos in such a dark place without blurring. That was fortunate that my friend brought a tripod with him; and he decided to take video thought he also brought his DSRL along. Gotta buy one tripod too.

A Lady selling Bay Ben inside the Pagoda.

A Boy selling Bay Ben inside the Pagoda.

Listening to monk chanting inside the dinning hall.

Gathering and listening to chanting by Achar before the procession.

Not only old people, there was many young people as well as children as well.