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At Last, Here It Is

Posted: September 16, 2008 in Uncategorized
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At last I have my D80 with me after ordering the purchase about 2 months ago. A friend of me currently working in Tokyo had it delivered to my home since last week when I was away in Rattanakiri. Don’t have chance for real shots yet…


Nikon D80

Posted: May 17, 2008 in Photography
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I am a Canon fan, though Canon PowerShot S50 is the only Canon camera I have ever possessed. I got it two years ago when I visited Japan from a second-hand camera shop. However, I hardly use it after having chances to use Pentax *ist of my workplace.

I have always dreamt of owning DSLR camera myself one day. And of course Canon EOS was in my mind. Recently again I longed for it and did some researches on internet. After consulting wikipedia and reading reviews and comments from other users, I am fascinated by Nikon D80 with AF-S DX 18 – 135 mm lens kit by its performance and reasonable price. It is more than ideal for a DSLR entry-level like me.

Yet, I have not yet decided to buy it since it will cost me nearly a grand- that is not a small amount for me. There are also rumors that it is time Nikon will release its successor soon. So should I wait until the release of its successor, so that its price will be cheaper? Wanna be a Nikonian too now.