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Not much different from last year, the 14th National Storytelling Contest, organized by Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA) with financial support from JICA and in cooperation with Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, was held from 24-27 February 2009 at Phnom Penh Teacher Training College. This year 66 teachers and librarians were selected from 10 provinces and Phnom Penh city to take part in the contest.

This year’s champion was Ms. Tim Theary (23), a teacher from Koh Thkauv Primary School, a relatively big one with more than 400 students and 8 teachers in Choul Kiri district of Kampong Chhnang Province. She started her teaching career in 2007 soon after graduating from Teacher Training College of the same province where she is teaching. Theary has never been received training to be storyteller neither from SVA nor any organization or institute; however with her inborn talents and passion of role play, she teaches herself to a great storyteller. About one a week, Theary takes her students to school library and read them stories.

090301storytellingcontest1 Tim Theary, the Champion, with her original storytelling apron.

Theary picked up the Three Billy Goats Gruff, a famous Norwegian fairy tale, to contest for the championship, as she thought that she can use materials available at school to design her original storytelling apron for the story. That is much more intersecting than using the traditional picture books. With the combination of her ability to impeccably fluctuate her tones of voice and facial expression accordingly to story situation, Theary was nominated the best storyteller of 2009.

Even though being a champion, Theary modestly said that she wanted to improve her ability and knowledge about storytelling. “When I do something, I want to do it perfectly,” Theary talked after winning the trophy. “I have a dream of seeing other libraries either in Cambodian or outside to learn more about their activities that I do not know. As at my school’s library is very limited in term of books and materials, I am sure there are many more things I can learn.”

090301storytellingcontest21 Tim Theary with her trophy.


Short Absence

Posted: July 4, 2008 in SVA
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In a few hours more, I will be away from Cambodia for about 2 weeks on mission to my second hometown. Hoping to be back with D80 this time.

When I was asked to prepare Annual Report, I thought of using M.S Publisher as I am sort of familiar with it. Actually I got it drafted in M.S Publisher but somehow I was not so satisfied with the design and decided to give a try with Adobe Illustrator. At the beginning it seemed so complicated though I tampered Adobe Photoshop for almost quarter of my life. After getting some tips from a friend, in an hour or two, I can put my head into my new design. Now I got a problem in rendering Khmer fonts. Need some help now!

Departure to Japan

Posted: August 25, 2007 in My Life, SVA
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I am leaving for Osaka, where I had been for the first year of my 3 year study in Japan, in a week with 2 other colleagues to make presentation about Cambodia and the activities of organization but I have not prepared anything, though this morning we have gone to Russian market to buy some gifts for our hosts. What worse, we are having annual project and budget plan next week before our departure. It is gonna be a busy week again.

In the schedule it seems there is endless of moving since we are going to stay at 10 different place, 2 hotels and 8 home stays within 2 weeks!!!!!! I am sure it gonna be exhausted but joyful trip. Will back on 18 after stopover in Bangkok for 2 nights.

One Japanese beautician wants to raise fund through charity haircut in Japan to support a school building in Cambodia. His name is Sugawara Shiro. He and his wife have visited Cambodia this May to see educational situation in Cambodian in remote areas where the need of school buildings is high and urgent. Trapaing Knoung primary school located in Brasat Balang district, Kampong Thom province is one of the most tattered school I have ever visited. Constructed in 2004, the school has only one building whose walls and roof made from palm-leafs full of holes. You may wonder what will happen when rain comes. Of course, there will be no class. Mr. Sugawara also cut hairs for few students there. It is their first time to meet foreigners, their first time to read picture books, and their first time to have their hairs cut by a professional.