Railway Station of Sihanoukville

Posted: October 29, 2008 in Architecture
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 No difference from other railway stations in Cambodia, this station is hardly put into use, though it not completely abandoned. Only one train comes to the station every two or three days carrying mostly cargoes rather than passengers. I heard that the views along the way are pretty amazing. I have been thinking of taking a ride once day, but chance has yet to come.

In front of the station. It was a little bit flooded at that time I was there.

Inside in the station. There was not a soul when I walked in.

Railroad and platform. Cows was grassing nearby the platform.

The two siblings playing around the station. “Why dun you take me photos, uncle” the girl asked me. So I gave her several shots. As she wanted the photos, I printed the photos and brought them to her house a few days later. Sadly she was not there, so I left them with her older sister. Hope they like them.

  1. Samnang says:

    They are very cute kids!!

  2. Oh, I am sure the girl would love the shot very much as much as I do love it. ^_^ Bro, I would love to go for a ride on the train, if it is not too unsafe to be on. I do love the idea of riding on the train, as always. Beside, I am longing to have you capture the beauty of the view you mentioned. It must be amazing and I already feel excitement occur in my mine! Yay, definitely we should!

  3. Samnang says:

    I once took the train to Pursat to visit my friend, Pov’s brother in law. While on the train, it was one of the longest and most boring trips I ever had taken. Be careful with what you wish for, Pov, unless you want an adventure, Lolzzz!!

  4. Oh yeah, I have prepared well, Bang Nang! I reckon Bang Phal and I should do fine as long as we’ve got our favourite books with, and on top of that chocolate to keep our energy! lolzzz

  5. Phal says:

    Samnang is right. The speed is crawling. It could take almost a day from Phnom Penh to Battambang or Sihanoukville. Taking just a part of it (eg. from Pursat to Battambang), is also an alternative.

    Yeah, if you are a bookworm like Touch, have one or two books with you is a very good idea. Touch, soft seat is not available but it is likely that you can find places for hammock, in case you bring it along 🙂

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