Valentine’s Day, the Day of Giving and Losing?

Posted: February 14, 2009 in This & That
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For some Cambodian teenagers, the culture of Valentine’s Day keep evolving year by year. When the 14th of February comes, kiosks selling roses are everywhere, especially in front of High Schools. From my observation, there is increase of rose venders in Phnom Penh. Though I did not have a gut to ask the price of rose, I heard the price also increases. Love is just all around; even the hamburger egg at Mando Restaurant has shape of heart!! Hanging around a few hours, I noticed that somehow couples look more intimate than usual on their bikes today.

Is that really the day to celebrate genius love? There are many different ideas concerning the Valentine’s Day here, as well as how it should be translated into Khmer. It could be a good day to express your love to your loved one, or probably to tell someone your hidden feeling. To some teens, however, it becomes the sacred day to sexually celebrate their love. It is rumoured that most of guest houses and hotels fully booked today. A few years back, I used to hear that in Thailand teenagers choose Valentine’s Day as their sacred day to lose or sacrifice their virginities, but now apparently it has come to the land of wonder.

According to a study titled “Young People Talking About Valentine’s Day in Phnom Penh, 2008” by independent researcher Tong Soprach, 66 percent of males planned to have sex with their partners regardless of consent, with 39.5 percent of those males losing their virginity.

090214valentine1 If you are in Phnom Penh down town, above scenery is something that you hard to miss.

090214valentine2 Got some better photos, but I decide to choose this one as at least they are masked. Hopefully I won’t be charged against privacy violation.

090214valentine3 Waiting for costumers. The bokeh blackboard reads: ថ្ងៃបុណ្យនៃក្តីស្រាញ់នំCookieរូប♡ពិសេសមានន័យ​ អាចញាំបានតំលៃ$1

  1. denith says:

    Its not about giving or losing bro…

    Its about accepting or rejecting.

  2. Oh when Denith says that it sounds much better! I reckon it depends on how you interpret it. Anyway, is that true that 39.5% lost their virginity on that day? So what does this sentence mean?

    Anyway, happy valentine’s day!

  3. tumnei says:

    It makes me looks so conservative, doesn’t it? hahha As I have said it is to some teens only. It does not apply to all. I reckon it is just a good occasion to convey your love. Yet, I just hope that it will be not used as an accuse to go extreme. So I am not denying what Denith said.

    For the survey, I have no idea of its reliability and accuracy. I have not even read its whole report. I have tried to download it but to no avail. It was just an extract from the Phnom Penh Post.

  4. Samnang says:

    “66 percent of males planned to have sex with their partners regardless of consent” What does it mean? Without their partners’s consent, it is called “Rape” for God’s sake, and they can go to jail for it.

    People celebrate the day to demonstrate their love to those they love, but their loved ones should deserve the love every day. There is no point of giving them gift or roses on the day if we don’t really treat them special any other days. Just love them more the way they deserve, then it’s already a big valentine. Maybe I don’t understand or people just find reasons to spend money?

  5. borin says:

    Cambodian people often misinterpret the celebration. There’s nothing wrong for celebrating the Saint Valentine day. There is nothing wrong with giving up virginity before marriage, it’s natural.

    The problem is the unintended consequences result from the action (sex, love….).

    So it’s not right to condemn the celebration, we just need people to act responsibly, and consider everything before going and do some thing.

  6. borin says:

    By the way, you did got the chance to capture the day! I was at the beach capture same same old photograph.

  7. tumnei says:

    Samnang, I am at your side to say that giving gifts on that day is not the optimal way to express our genuine love. But it is not bad to have some special occasions to do sth special. Haaha

    If it is sth about love, I think it is just fine; as long as it is not made to be sth about sex.

  8. BCTor says:

    Right or wrong is self-conscious and in this case both man and girl shall ask themselve for their own action and don’t point fingure to the celebration.

  9. I like your writing style thanks for the info -cheers-

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